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Witness some of the India’s most epic wildlife experiences. We can take you on unforgettable adventure, culture, nature-based and wildlife tours in the national parks, wilderness areas. Our tours are led by knowledgeable guides and naturalists which provide a thrilling mixture of outdoor adventures, nature discovery and wildlife viewing. We offer jungle safaris, bird watching, nature and wildlife tours in the most popular national parks , tailor-made trips, and a whole lot more.  

Fair & Festivals
We believe the best way to know a country and people is through close interaction with its popular culture. Our wide range of walking tours of various cities offers glimpse of India’s popular culture that is real, intense, interactive and fun. Our goal is to ensure that your tour is an experience and not merely a visit. 

When we think historical holidays, we don’t see textbooks and lectures and tweed. We see crumbling Maya temples covered in vines, the bone-white dome of the Taj Mahal and the mist-shrouded ruins of Machu Picchu. We see you learning by venturing into the wonders of history and experiencing these wild places for yourself.

Explore on foot and make the most of the outdoors on one of our group tours or on a self-guided itinerary. Grassroots travel, authentic experiences and local adventures, we’ll take you to the heart of a culture via myriad ancient sites, modern cities, national parks and local icons, these trips are big on real life experiences bringing you close to nature.

Art & Craft
We will take you to rural India where arts and crafts exist in their original form and offer you interactive sessions with the artists, artisans, craftsmen and weavers who will share their skills and stories about their life and work. We will also take you to explore the vibrant and colorful bazaars brimming with local crafts. These arts and crafts are specimens of the cultural diversity and rich artistic tradition of the country.

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